Customers get the best in quality Organic Safed Musli and Natural Safed Musli from us.

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Customers get the best in quality Organic Safed Musli and Natural Safed Musli from us.
About Our Company 

K R D Musli Farm, which was created by Patidar Dr. Kanhaiyalal Dingu and is now directed by his son Mr. Patidar Chandrashekhar Dingu, is a well-known and pioneer certified Organic Safed Musli farm in India. Using high-tech organic agriculture techniques, the company is the premier manufacturer and supplier of excellent Natural Safed Musli and Organic Safed Musli. Many farmers have come to our property to learn about Safed Musli cultivation. You can also come to our farm and have a good time.

Location: Because K R D Musli Farm is located near Indore on National Highway No. 3 on the Agra-Mumbai road, it is quite easy to get money there. Our farm is located in Rau, Tehsil & District Indore (M.P.) India, as well as Barlay (Badwah) on the Badwah Maheshwar Road Dist-Khargone (M.P.).


Musli grows naturally in most parts of India, and it can grow well in a wide range of temperatures and rainfall, according to actual experience. Its growth is aided by sandy loam soil and a well-designed drainage system. The Land is to be required to be prepared in the month of April-May. 

The Preparation Of Land:

  • In the months of March and April, proper soil treatment, such as deep ploughing and tillering, is required to provide the land a better pulverisation and dryness.
  • In the months of April and May, at least 5 trollys of cow dung compost per acre should be blended.
  • Raised beds should be built (according to plantation plans) by the end of May.
  • The distance between the raised bed and the floor should be 24 inches, and the height should be 10-12 inches.
  • Before seeding the planting material, all of the raised Beds should be carefully irrigated. Raised beds aid in the growth of Musli tubers as well as optimum drainage.
  • The spacing between beds might be raised to 3.5 feet, but this would necessitate only drip irrigation.


  • Two crop weeds are needed to free it from weeds that must be physically controlled by labours.
  • Any type of shortfall should be identified as soon as possible, and the required component should be provided.
  • A few specialised practices must be observed, either through instruction or frequent visits.
  • The first three months after sowing are crucial, and the field need the most attention.

Maturing of the Crop:

After the crop reaches maturity, the crop cycle is complete, and the tuner should be pulled out according to practical experience.

Digging: This entails removing the Safed Musli from the earth. This procedure takes 60-70 guys a day to dig a one-acre plot of land. The entire procedure should be visible to the labour so that he can safely obtain the entire yield.
Drying: A portion of the produce is skinned and then dried to about 20% moisture content. After then, the dried Musli is sold on the market. This procedure should be thoroughly understood.


Dr. Dingu of K R D Musli Farm has been involved in the manufacturing of potato, onion, and garlic seeds for the past 35 years, and is presently providing superior Safed Musli planting material. We also grow Safed Musli with other crops such as Amla and Chiku on the same plot of land in order to maximise profits from the same plot of land. Inter-Cropping is the name for this type of cultivation.

The Founder

Dr. Kanhaiyalal Rameshwarji Dingu, the founder of K R D Musli Farm Patidar, is a veterinary graduate. After 35 years of successfully manufacturing potato, onion, and garlic seeds, and 8 years of effectively producing Safed Musli, he is now producing quality natural Organic Safed Musli and Natural Safed Musli. Dr. Dingoo, a licensed veterinarian and natural scientist at heart, has dedicated his life to the cultivation of medicinal and herbal plants that have been ignored or overexploited. He has been developing agricultural production know-how in order to safeguard not only woods from persistent poaching, but also the country as a whole from a crop that can be transported beyond seven seas.

Medicinal herbs are widely accepted around the world. It i impossible to find a newspaper that does not have ads for medications made from these plants. Dr. Dingoo wants to create not just planting materials but also production know-how so that a regular farmer is not inconvenienced.

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