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Based in Madhya Pradesh (India), we, K R D Musli Farm is easy to reach due to its location on the National Highway near Indore and one farm on the Badwah Maheshwar Road. Our company is trusted all over the country for offering the best Organic Safed Musli and Natural Safed Musli. 

Features & Facilities

Safed Musli is grown by a large number of people in India. They are used in the manufacturing and distribution of Safed Musli. While obtaining Safed Musli from us, you may wonder why you should purchase Planting Material from K R D Musli Farm. The following are some of the features and services that set us apart from the competition:

  • Musli planting material of the highest quality and safety
  • High-tech organic Musli farm is a certified high-tech organic Musli farm.
  • Advance techniques of high-tech agriculture
  • Provide information on the market.
  • Buy back facility is guaranteed.
  • Reservations can be made in advance
  • Storage techniques expert
  • Planting to peeling and drying of safed Musli is a self-experience.
  • Detailed cultivation technique consultation at no cost
  • 9 years of safed Musli farming experience
  • We offer bulk dry Safed Musli (a grade) of the highest export quality.
  • Provide information about exports.

How To Book Planting Material At K R D Farm?

We provide high-quality planting materials, which must be reserved in advance because they are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. We can provide you with high-quality Safed Musli planting material if you meet the following criteria:

  • At the time of booking, a 50% deposit should be provided.
  • The remaining balance will be accepted after the material is delivered from our farm in Rau Indore (M.P.).


K R D MUSLI FARM offers consultation and training to customers interested in growing Safed Musli. We not only offer free consultation and training for Musli cultivation, but we also offer free services to anyone interested in conducting tests or research in the field of Musli cultivation or processing. Only at our farm in Rau, Indore, is this training facility available (India).

Our company is a well-known and well-developed Musli farm. K R D Musli farm uses high-tech agriculture techniques to create high-quality Safed Musli planting material. Many farmers have come to our property to learn about Safed Musli cultivation. You can also come to our farm and have a good time. K R D Musli Farm has been cultivating Safed Musli on nearly 40 acres of land on our farm in a highly professional manner, and we can be contacted without hesitation for any form of help or guidance in the cultivation of Musli, from the supply of planting material to training and guidance in trying to grow this high yielding crop. As an extensive crop, we always encourage all interested farmers to come to our farm in Rau (Indore) and take use of our training services to assure a higher production.

Key Facts of K R D Musli Farm:

Nature of Business

Manufacturer and Supplier


Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India)

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